Brand: Apollo

Apollo Solar Computer

World’s first Solar Powered Dive Computer. No battery changes powered up for life.

Compatable with CASIO (Logosease) underwater communications. Verbal warnings include:

  • depth
  • decompression
  • ascent rates and safety stop

Our computer is based on the latest decompression theory by Dr AA Buhlmann. Nitrox compatable: Air/with F02 adjustable in 1% increments from 21 % to 50% Nitrox (EANx).

Computer mode:

  • log no.
  • dive date
  • dive count/day
  • entry time
  • exit time
  • dive time
  • lowest water
  • max. Depth temperature
  • average depth
  • decompression status
  • warnings
  • nitrox (eanx) to 50% )
  • preset depth warnings

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