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Brand: Sound Metrics


Identification Frequency: 3.0 MHz
Detection Frequency: 1.8 MHz
Depth Rating: 100 m

Easily capture quality, near-video-like images with the ARIS Defender 3000! With simple, one-handed operation, the Defender operates easily in turbid water.

The Defender allows topside personnel to see what the diver sees in real time with the Supervisory Kit! Furthermore, the tools in this kit easily convert this innovative sonar into a fully functional ARIS Explorer 3000! Existing customers can also opt to upgrade the Explorer to a Defender. This revolutionary feature combines two dependable sonars in one for the ultimate adaptibility.


ARIS Defender 3000 Specifications

Detection Mode

Operating Frequency1.8 MHz
Beamwidth (two-way)0.3° H by 15° V
Source Level (average)
~200-206 dB re 1 μPa at 1 m (TBD)
Nominal Effective Range

Identification Mode

Operating Frequency3.0 MHz
Beamwidth (two-way)
0.2° H by 15° V
Source Level (average)
~200-206 dB re 1 μPa at 1 m (TBD)
Nominal Effective Range

Both Modes

Number of beams 128 or 64
Beam Spacing
0.25° nominal
Horizontal Field-of-View
Max frame rate (128 beams)
4-15 frames/sec (8-15 frames/sec w/64 beams)
Minimum Range Start
Downrange Resolution
3mm to 10cm
Transmit Pulse Length
4μs to 24μs
Remote Focus
0.7m to max range
Power Consumption
20 Watts typical
Weight in Air
11 kg (24 lb)
Weight in Water
43cm x 24cm x 21.5cm
Depth rating
Data Comm Link
100BaseT HomePlug
Maximum cable length (HomePlug)
150 m (500 feet)

Minimum PC Requirements:
Windows 7 SP1 or higher operating system
PC Interface: 100BaseT Wired Ethernet

Recommended PC Configuration:
DirectX compatible graphics
Multi-core CPU
512 MB video RAM
64 GB available hard disk space


ARIS DEFENDER 3000 Brochure

Size: 5,52 Mb

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