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sku: SC05400


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Brand: Apollo

AV Series Saddle

Improved performance plus hands free operation!!

  • Vastly improved aerodynamics means greater performance
  • 70% improved speed and distance travelled on a single charge
  • Leaves hands free for holding torches and cameras
  • On/off control handle for quick, easy access
  • Riding saddle clips onto front of scooter
  • Straddle the saddle and steer by leaning
  • Also includes new WINGS which allow up to three divers to travel on one scooter
  • Saddle ONLY, scooter NOT included
  • Suitable for AV-1, AV-2 and SVX
  • NSN: 4220-66-158-6241, AV Series Saddle, Fits AV-1/2/SVX

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