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Bio Metal Mask-Pro Stealth

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Product details

Brand: Apollo

Bio Metal Mask-Pro Stealth

Military Sales Only


Apollo has specifically developed this product to fit the demanding roles of Special Forces Operators worldwide.


AR Lens – Anti-Reflective (Reduces surface reflection by up to 90%)

  • Reduces the chance of attracting attention caused by lens reflection from sunlight or searchlights while on covert missions.

Angled Lenses

  • Angled lenses push any residual reflection downwards rather than straight back at the subject.

Non – Reflective Matt Finished External and internal Silicon Skirt

  • Eliminates all reflections both internally and externally.
  • Unique shaped silicone skirt brings unparalleled comfort, fit and sealing.
  • One size fits 90% of face shapes

Matt finished (Aluminium Frame) – Superior Vision

  • Building the frame from Stainless steel allows a range of lighting systems, cameras or other accessories to be easily attached to the mask.
  • Thin bridge section between the lenses allows the eye to be centrally located in each lens thereby increasing field of vision dramatically over conventional styles.

Lens Suite – Mask comes standard with AR Lense – others optional

  • AR (Anti-Reflective Lens)
  • P (Polarized Lens)
  • O (Optical Lenses available)
  • S (Standard Tempered Glass Lens)


  • Go Pro Mount
  • Frame Mounted Light Mount
  • Strap mounted light mount

Supplied in a protective fabric bag.



Size: 1,4 Mb


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