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Bio-Pro Contaminated Water Suit (CWS)

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Brand: Apollo

Protective Drysuit for contaminated environments

Specially designed to give divers maximum protection in polluted or contaminated seas, rivers or lakes.

Diving in contaminated waters may cause severe skin and eye irritation and or permanent damage. Inhaled water can seriously affect your lungs and may cause permanent damage. For these reasons you cannot use standard diving equipment to safely perform tasks in such an adverse environment. The disadvantages of specialized equipment is the expense, complicated mechanisms and heavy weight of hard diving helmets.

In view of these points, we have newly developed a soft head type of suit in order to provide a less expensive simple lightweight mechanism as a solution for these disadvantages. Since the fabric for our drysuit uses an independently formed closed cell neoprene with an external chemically resistant coating applied, it is flexible and easy to move about in comparison to other suits made for use in this environment. Furthermore, with production of custom made suits its possible to match the individual diver‘s body shape.

Soft Helmet / Hood

Since most helmets designed for diving in polluted areas are made with hard materials such as FRP or metal, they can be heavy and cumbersome. The hood of this suit is made with neoprene so that it is light, compact and formed in the shape of a human head.
In addition, water cannot enter due to the integration with our full face mask.

Neck & Wrist Joint

Our exclusive secure twin action neck and wrist joint connectors are completely airtight and easily removable.This is achieved using an O ring seal for airtight fit that prevents the ingress of potentially contaminated water. We use a fluorinated coating that repels water and contaminants. Easy disassembly by hand.

Inlet & Exhaust Valves of the Contaminated Water Suit

Our high performance inlet & exhaust valve are all built to European Standards and are the No. 1 choice of valves in the Japanese market place. Invasion of fats, gasoline and oil etc are no problem since all silicon parts have been changed out to with propriety chemically resistant materials.


Fabrics and Material

The fabric uses closed cell neoprene with an external chemically resistant rubber coating applied. It is comfortable, flexible in comparison to conventional vulcanized rubber type suits.


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