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Brand: Patriot 3

Cargo Net

The Cargo Net is an adjustable net designed to secure equipment and cargo when the boat is in motion. If capsized, the Cargo Net maintains its cargo and assists in the righting of the CRRC.

The Cargo Net is comprised of modular sections that can be adjusted in both length and width to fit 4.2 to 5.8 CRRCs. The Cargo Net connects to the boats D-rings via quick release Snap Shackles. Each shackle has a “monkey-fist” ball lanyard with a light-weight Delrin ball to allow for a sure grip and pull for releasing operations. All stainless steel hardware is treated with a black oxide finish.



1. Wet & Dry Bow Bag

2. Cargo Net

3. High Pressure Inflatable Floor

4. Towlines

5. Navigation Options



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