Gloryfy G2 GUARDIAN Polarised Wolfgrey Sun Glasses

Brand: Gloryfy Unbreakable Eyewear

Gloryfy G2 GUARDIAN Polarised Wolfgrey Sun Glasses

Apollo Australia Pty Ltd (Apollo Military) Presents the new Guardian Collection 2017 from Gloryfy Unbreakable Eyewear, for the L.E.A.F. (Law Enforcement & Armed Forces) Segment

  • The latest technology: Precision Tactical Eyewear
  • Made in Austria

G2 Guardian Wolfgrey 1250-03-00:

  • Full frame & full wrap
  • Comes with Polarised Lenses


gloryfy unbreakable glasses made of NBFX™ return to their original position even after strong deformation! New technologies are tested and research results are integrated and implemented into the production of unbreakable products in the company’s own lab.


gloryfy unbreakable prescription eyewear is totally unbreakable and even safe with airbags.


The gloryfy SPORTstyle collection has developed from the first three models in the early years of the collection into a now high-performing “centre of excellence” for athletes in all categories. From outdoor sports to multi-sports, from extreme to endurance sports, the collection provides the perfect solution for all sporting requirements! Research was conducted to the utmost limits of financial viability in order to develop gloryfy unbreakable eyewear. NBFX™ the basis of the gloryfy “research pyramid”: lots of technical innovation have already been implemented or are just about to be launched on the market.

gloryfy sunglasses can be optically glazed. The I-Flex unbreakable glazing creates the perfect sports glasses for your favourite sport and also represents an improvement in sporting quality of life!

The reason for the high optical clarity of the lens material is the high Abbe number of I-Flex (Abbe number 44) in comparison to polycarbonate (Abbe number 31) and 1.67 material (Abbe number 32). A major advantage of NBFX™ material is the weight. With a specific weight of 1.11g/cm3, gloryfy glasses are lightweights and beat the common materials.

Gloryfy G2 GUARDIAN Polarised Wolfgrey Sun Glasses

  • 100% UVA / UVB protection (UV radiation to 440nm)
  • AS/NZS 1067 Certified, AS/NZS 1337.1-2010
  • ANSI Z80.33, ISO 12312, STANAG 2920, 4296 Certified V-50 ballistic limit for body protection material
  • NBFX - Unbreakable lenses and frames for durability
  • QCLS - Quick change lens system
  • Comes with Polarised Lenses
  • Base 8 and 9 full closure wraparound for optimized protection
  • XSR - Extreme scratch resistance – highest rating
  • Confined tint lens – power contrast and colour-fast vision
  • Elastic and light weight for extreme, all conditions comfort
  • Anti-fog coating on lenses and matt coated frames
  • 1A optical quality for distortion free vision
  • Also available in prescription !!
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