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Brand: Safe at Sea

The GuardRunner goes where no other boats can go, in any conditions and in any weather.

The GuardRunner is based on the RescueRunner concept which was designed especially for Search & Rescue (SAR) and to endure the roughest of conditions. This makes the GuardRunner ideal for Combat SAR (CSAR) as well as other tasks in harsh waters.

• Deploy, recover or rescue personnel – conscious or unconscious – into or out of the water with extreme ease and speed.
• Doing the job in white and brown water zones, in shallow areas, among rocks, reefs and cliffs – to go where any larger vessel would have been in danger.
• Boarding small and large boats for assistance or transfer of personnel in all conditions.
• Launching from shore, larger vessels or helicopters.
• Beaching for quick deployment, recovery or rescue of equipment and personnel and as a CSAR unit, hand over of injured to land based medical responders.
• Reaching distressed vessels or personnel quickly in wake sensitive or congested areas.
• Shipping by air to distant or remote operational areas.

These pictures are from a demonstration where the vessel was crashed into a rock with a speed of 20 knots. It was fully operational after the collision protected by the polyethylene hull and the crew that was unharmed could continue the demonstration.

• Rugged, small and light – purpose built to go where no other boats can go, easier to handle with less risk in many situations.
• Boarding other vessels in bad weather poses great risks for the smaller boat and the personnel involved - a safer way is to board with the GuardRunner. With its unmatched stability and maneuverability it makes boarding easy.
• The GuardRunner design makes it almost unsinkable, with a hull that has four different water tight compart-ments (red, blue, green and black in the picture) and a GRP cartridge which also forms a water tight compartment.
• The polyethylene hull that protects the cartridge. The hull can easily be repaired or changed within a few minutes if damaged.
• The GuardRunner is designed to be delivered to the scene by any means practical, trailer, onboard a larger vessel, transport aircraft or with a helicopter.
• The water jet gives great thrust and the centrally placed towing eye makes the GuardRunner capable of towing heavy objects with unlimited maneuverability.
• A large integrated deck in the aft close to the water surface gives the capability to
- Transport up to 400 kilos (personnel and /or equipment).
- Deploy, recover or rescue personnel in all kinds of waters (brown, white and other shallow waters).
• Easy access through hatch on aft deck to clean the water jet from debris to ensure safe operation.



Your needs can be met through a wide range of options and customization possibilities, where everything from individual colour settings to launch and recovery systems for a wide range of carrying vessels are available.


• Compass, Towing Eye, Storage Boxes and Double Bilgepump Systems
• Lifting Eyes for helicopter/crane and Certifi ed Lifting Sling
• Reverse Gate Function and Water Jet Trim
• Connection for fan/heater for the engine compartment
• GR-Auxiliary Electrical System – for powering extra options
• Search Light, Navigational Lights (White/Red/Green) and Blue Flashing Lights with Fittings
• Foldable Mast
• Customized Trailer for easy storage, transport, launch and recovery
• Training Courses and Service Agreements

GuardRunner Cradle

The GRC is especially developed for safe and easy storage, launch and recovery of the GuardRunner from larger vessels.

GRC Features
• Low weight (total weight incl. GuardRunner and driver < 750 kilos)
• Shock absorbing, sun and salt water resistant
• Made by strong, fl exible and durable Polyethylene that fl oats
• Allows drive through during launch and recovery
• Protects the personnel and the vessel during launch and recovery


Four stroke drive train (Petrol/Diesel*) Water Jet Propulsion
LOA 3.6 m; Beam 1.5 m; Draught 0.3 m Dry weight 350 kg
Load capacity >400 kg
Top speed ≈ 40 knots
Fuel capacity ≈ 70 l
Range ≈ 70 NM


Guardrunner Brochure

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