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Brand: Nautiraid


The Hors-Bord 40 waterproof cover helps protect 40 HP Yamaha motors. It was designed to allow the insertion and extraction of the engine by one person. The Hors-Bord cover is also available for Yamaha 25 HP engines and Evinrude 55 HP engines.

Versions 40 and 25 can be winched and a over-pressure valve may be added to limit the pressure in the event of unballasting or a rapid resurface. Also available in a sculling version allowing you to cover or uncover the motor in position.




  • Hors-bord 40: 157 x 77 x 25cm
  • Hors-bord 25: 136 x 68 x 28cm
  • Hors-bord 55: 150 x 85 x 45cm
  • Colours: Black
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