Brand: Patriot 3

JDPS, the Jetboots Diver Propulsion System, is a unique hands-free diver propulsion system designed specifically for the military and commercial diver. JDPS uses brushless motors and lithium polymer batteries to achieve incredible propulsion at a very low total system weight, which enables previously impossible mission profiles.

Military units around the world are discovering the potential of fully geared combat swimmers equipped with unprecedented mobility of JDPS. Reconnaissance, search and rescue, patrols, and hull inspections are just some of the uses for the JDPS. We can customize the system to fit your specific needs. The system is compatible with standard military issue diving gear.

Jetboots Capabilities:

  • Divers can ride in SDV’s, RHIB’s, Zodiacs, etc, while wearing Jetboots
  • Divers can deploy via helicopter drop with Jetboots
  • Divers can parachute with Jetboots
  • Divers are completely hands-free with Jetboots
  • Divers can use low or high tech attack boards with Jetboots
  • Jetboots can be used in salt or fresh water
  • Jetboots are a major asset for thrust in swift water rescue. This includes rivers, changing tides and Coast Guard rescue in swift, open water current
  • Jetboots allows for both hands to assist a victim in swift water rescue since the diver can use Jetboots for propulsion
  • Jetboots provide for higher Diver elevation in water adding effectiveness of rescue identification
  • Jetboots batteries can “hot swap” underwater. Divers can take more batteries with them and swap underwater to gain more distance and time

System Includes:

  • 2 Thrusters
  • 1 Control Box
  • 1 Proprietary LiPo Battery
  • Waterproof Cabling Set
  • Waist Harness Hard Case

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