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Magnacom® SW-1000-SC 2-Ch. 70 W Hybrid Transceiver

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Brand: OTS

High Power NSW MAG Diver Transceiver, 70 watts. Includes battery, charger and transducer. (US Navy only.)

The Magnacom® SW-1000-SC is the most advanced, State-of-the-Art underwater communication designed to date. The powerful 70 watt transmitter ensures long range communications. The Secure Mode allows the users a secure way to communicate. This gives the Team the best of both worlds—through-water communications as well as diver-to-diver secure intercom. Furthermore, with the use of an optional specially designed Buddy Line, multiple divers can participate on the secure line!

It is similar to the Magnacom® Mag-1004HS designed for homeland security, however the SW-1000-SC features a sleep mode; and uses different frequencies.

  • Channel A - 25 kHz USB ("Channel 7")
  • Channel B - US Navy Channel F2

With an output power (PEP) of 70 watts, in ideal conditions, the Magnacom® SW-1000-SC has a range of 6000m.

Options and Accessories:

  • LAR 5 Adapter



Typical Range
Channel A: 6,000m in calm sea, 1,000m in sea state 6. Channel B: 1,000m in calm sea: 100m in sea state 6.
Note: Environmental variability such as that caused by biological noise and interference, thermoclines, etc., can reduce range.
Audio Frequency Response
300 to 4,000 Hz
Acoustic Output Power
70 watts PEP (peak envelope power)(channel A)
Receiver Sensitivity
-110 dBv
Automatic Gain Control
120 dB dynamic range
Transmitter Activation
Voice-operated transmitter (VOX) or manual activation (Push-to-Talk - PTT)
Battery Life
Assuming 10% duty cycle: 4 hours on high power channel A or 8 hours on low power B. 14 hours if on Intercom only.
Battery Type
RB-14 NiMH battery pack: 12V at 2 amp-hour
Low Battery Indicator
Blinking RED LED located on upper housing and beep in earphone
Piezoelectric type
Ceramic type (standard on most ffm)
Maximum Depth
300 fsw
Operating Temperature
0°C to +60°C (32°F to +140°F)
Storage Temperature
-10°C to +60°C (14°F to +140°F)
Connector Type
Hi-USE® (1/2 hardened naval brass, gold-plated pins)
Injection-molded, high-impact, glass-filled Nylon plastic
Standard Frequencies
Channel A: 25 kHz lower sideband (LSB)
Channel B: F2 Frequency
Housing Dimensions
H: 8.50", W: 4.50", D:2.25"

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