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Patriot3 CRRC Deployment Kit

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Brand: Patriot 3
Unit measure: 1


Patriot3 Maritime offers a full line of CRRC gear to outfit your Combat Rubber Raiding Craft. The Wing/Zodiac crafts and Patriot3's CRRC Deployment Kit are the ideal combination for missions in which rapid deployment, high performance, and reliability are key assets for success in harsh maritime environments.

The Patriot3 CRRC Deployment Kit offers all the basic CRRC accessories in one convenient package.

Kit Includes:
1 x Cargo Net
1 x Wet Bow Bag
1 x Dry Bow Bag
1 x 4.7 Towline
4 x Righting Lines

Patriot3 CRRC Gear is designed to fit all Wing P-Series and Zodiac Futura Commando Boats.


1. BOW BAGS - Wet and Dry Gear Storage

2. RIGHTING LINES - Overturned CRRC Correction

3. CARGO NET - Secure Cargo Containment

4. TOWING LINES - Weight Distributing Tow Straps

NAVIGATION BOARDS - Compass Mounted Dashboard

1. BOW BAGS - Wet and Dry Gear Storage

The Patriot3 Maritime Bow Bags provide durable and secure storage on board military inflatable boats. Each bag mounts to the boat's existing D-rings and is ideal for storing and accessing mission specific equipment. The integrated large MOLLE array can be utilized to increase the capabilities of each bag.

The Wet Bow Bag is made of heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material for increased strength and rapid drainage.

The Dry Bow Bag is made of strong 500 Denier Cordura fabric with a water-proof urethane liner and a YKK zipper to keep your equipment dry. The Halkey Roberts Oral Inflator helps regulate the amount of air in the bag.


The Righting Line is designed to assist in Righting the CRRC if it becomes capsized. It contains 17ft of folded webbing attached to a carabiner that can be deployed in seconds. Four Righting Lines are included with each Cargo Net.


The Cargo Net is an adjustable net designed to secure equipment and cargo when the boat is in motion. If capsized, the Cargo Net keeps the gear contained in the CRRC and prevents loss.

The Cargo Net is comprised of four modular sections that can be adjusted in both length and width to fit any size payload. The Cargo Net connects to the boat's D-rings via stainless steel snap shackles. Each shackle contains a ball lanyard for sure grip and pull for easy releasing operations. Each Cargo Net includes four Righting Lines.

Factory Net Dimensions: 76" x 50"


The Patriot3 Towline allows safe, secure and speedy towing of your inflatable CRRC. This Towline pulls the CRRC from the transom and pontoon rears where the boat is less susceptible to damage. This allows for towing at faster speeds and eliminates the risk of ring tear-out which can cause severe damage to the CRRC.

The Towline is made of 2" webbing and stainless steel hardware with a black oxide coating. The CRRC 4.7 Towline has a 5,000 lbs tow rating and the CRRC 5.8 Towline has a 7,500 lbs tow rating.

Towline Size Options
4.7 Towline: Fits Wing P4.2/P4.7 and Zodiac FC420/FC470
5.8 Towline: Fits Wing P5.3/P5.8 and Zodiac FC530/FC580


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