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Brand: Nautiraid


As suppliers to the Navy and the Army for many years, Squale is completely waterproof, is available in 3 sizes and allows the transportation of miscellaneous equipment for short-duration missions in wet environments.




  • Carrying straps and pelvic strap
  • Inlet pipette and air extractor
  • Dimensions: 68 x 35 x 15cm
  • Weight: 1.9kg - Volume: 35L
  • Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 15cm
  • Weight: 2.3kg - Volume: 42L
  • Dimensions: 110 x 35 x 15cm
  • Weight: 2.6kg - Volume: 58L

Medical version:
First-aid kit: 68 x 35 x 15cm
Oxygen therapy bag: 80 x 35 x 15cm

Ballasted version: 80 x 35 x 15cm
Outdoor equipment: ballast pocket and 3 buckets for lead in a T-shape to facilitate underwater immersion

Dockable version: 68 x 35 x 15cm
Equipment: Straps and docking rings for semi-rigid crafts
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