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Brand: OMS

Tribe Fins

The OMS Tribe fin is made of a unique mix of materials using the highest quality rubber and provides strong solid propulsion with negative buoyancy. Three curved vents in the center assist the power, force and thrust. The channels on the end of the fin increase power while maintaining stability and reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade. Large foot pockets integrated to the rails make this fin the best of its kind.


Tribe Fins

  • Unique Mix of materials using 100% pure rubber
  • Spring heel straps with easy-grip Loop around heel
  • Locking strap mounts for easy donning and removing
  • 3 curved center blade vents for power, force and thrust
  • Round tip of fin and channels for kicking power and stability
  • Large foot pocket with drainage
  • Integrated thick side rails engineered for strength and guidance
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