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UDI-28 Boat Unit active Antenna

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Brand: UTC
Model: UDI-28 Boat Unit

UDI-28 Boat Unit active Antenna

Price on Application

The UDI-28 Boat Unit is used for text message communication with the underwater divers. Its homing capabilities allow divers to navigate their way back to the boat.

Naval command and control features as well as in-water surveillance capabilities provide additional diver protection and safety layers.

The UDI-28 is an affordable solution – far less costly than other wireless communications available. In terms of price, usage and without the need to waste air consumption due to the increased volume of the full face masks required to accommodate communications, UDI-28 is the right choice.

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Salient features of the system

  • • Able to send and receive up to 28 pre-configured text messaging from the diver
  • • Provides a remote SOS to a diver that is suspected to be “lost”
  • • Configured to allow up to 28 different divers on 2 different networks to communicate with the surface
  • • Allows divers to navigate their way back to the boat via a homing beacon
  • • Dual channel transmission bands and powerful error correction code for improving noise immunity
  • • Water resistant suitcase, extra-long battery power, external power connection, and PC link
  • • Most streamlined with a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • • Increases the safety and decreases response time to deal with in-water emergencies
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