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UDI Divers Detection System

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Brand: UTC

UDI Divers Detection System

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UTC’s complete system effectively supports safekeeping of maritime boundaries. Serving coastal borders, harbors and critical sites, it provides a comprehensive system that includes state of the art sonars, underwater communications, command and control servers and more.

The picture and alerts from the system support automatic events as well as operational decision making.

UTC’s renown expertise and vast experience, combined with state of the art sensors enable us to provide a range of solutions and architectures. The system is operational and superior to other systems currently available in the market. Examples of exceptional features include imaging sonar for ranges up to 50 meters and multi-beam sonars for different security ranges, such as 100, 200 and 450 meters.

UTC’s DDS (Diver Detection System) provides mission-proven capabilities against unwelcome divers and other intruders. The system’s sensors can be fixed or mounted on a small vessel. The system provides maximum performance in the search, track and classification of targets. The entire system is compact, lightweight and easy to integrate.

For search missions, UTC provides the FDK (Fast Deployment Kit) system. The FDK system is especially suitable for special forces as well as the police. This lightweight system also enables the operator to efficiently support rescue teams.

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